1st Scuba Experience PLUS Eco Scuba Trip

Don't worry if you´ve never had your toes wet before, if you have the passion the team is here to hold your hand till you are living a dream,,,shake your head,,, you are breathing underwater! Like a fish, WOW.
The first scuba diving experience is one that a diver never forgets. Whether you are nervous to dip your toes in but are eager to explore what’s below the surface or you already have extensive snorkeling experience and want to take your pastime to the next level, the first experience scuba diving is truly the best way to gauge your ability and your passion for exploring the deep blue sea.

Share your experiences in a cuban house family in Matanzas City.
This package includes a one-night stay at Club ScubAzul’s Bed and Breakfast, Casa Cozy Corner, and an in-pool training session on the first day, with an overview of what it feels like to breathe with the aid of a regulator below the surface, to remove a diving mask underwater, and to maintain neutral buoyancy. After the pool session, the beginner diver will receive a tour of Matanzas City in the afternoon, followed by a second day of diving off the shore in the sea.

You could get your SCUBA Diver Certification.!!


$19500 per Diver
Companion: $45.00
Snorkelling Companion: $55.00
Extra Night per Room: $30.00
SCUBA Diver Certification: $50.00
  • Departs daily 8:30 AM
  • Fitness Level Moderate to mildly challenging swimmers. Age 10 to 18 years old most be with Tutor ot Parents any of the activities in the water. No previous diving qualifications are required. You must be comfortable in Water
  • Inclusions During your stay you can savor real cuban meals, coffee and tropical juices (home made food included).City Tour includes Visit To Bellamar Cave. Beguinners can try SCUBA in a pool and enjoy one or two dive in the sea. Scuba Instructor, starting class, starting training, one dive in the sea, Full Scuba gear if need it, healthy snack and a souvenir eco-friendly water bottle
  • Durations Two days one Night you could book extra night - Depending on the diving spot. Includes one dive in the sea about 35 - 40 minutes, maximum depth 8 mts; if decide a second experience ($20.00) after 30 minutes of break you will enjoy another dive in the sea
  • What to Bring Please remember to bring along your eVoucher/confirmation, towel, water & sunscreen. Comfortable shirt and shorts/pants, swimming suit, beach Sandals,don’t forget your camera. We can provide storage while you are on the tour
  • Book now!

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