Recue Diver Course A Family Stay !!

Enjoy A Family Stay, during you get your SCUBA PSSWW Rescue Diver certification !!

This course of rescue and assistance is aimed at advanced divers who wish to increase their own and their buddy’s safety in the water during diving activities....!
At the end of the course the student must be able to assist and rescue a diver in difficulty within the limits established for recreational diving (refer to the beginning of this section) to a depth of 30 meters (100 feet) – 40 meters (130 feet) for those in possession of PSS Deep Diver certification or equavalent - in conditions similar to those in which training takes place.

The Scuba Rescue Diver certification is an essential step towards becoming an expert diver and a prerequisite for all PSS Professional courses. For this reason it has been standardized as a course level by the PSS organization.
Although the practical aspect of safety and rescue is of extreme importance, theoretical knowledge is also fundamental in ensuring a high standard of training.


$63500 per Diver
Companion: $200.00
Snorkelling per day: $25.00
Extra Night per Room: $30.00
  • !! Includes !! Accommodation 4 nights at Casa Cozy Corner, Transfers, Breakfast, Meals, Course materials, SCUBA full Gear.

  • Fitness Level & Requirements Moderate to mildly challenging. You must be comfortable in the Water. In order to enrol on the PSS Scuba Rescue Diver course you must be qualified as a PSS Advanced Open Water Diver or hold an equivalent qualification. Although the aim of the course is to teach diving-related rescue techniques, it may also be necessary to administer first aid or cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques in many types of emergencies. These techniques are not part of the PSS Scuba Rescue Diver course, as they require in-depth teaching and suitable practical work that can only be achieved through a special training program. It is therefore necessary to hold a valid PSS First Aid - C.P.R certification, or an equivalent qualification (at the instructor’s discretion), issued within the last two years. If you hold a suitable qualification that was gained prior to this, you will have to attend a refresher program. If you do not hold a qualification demonstrating your competence in first aid and C.P.R., you may begin the PSS Scuba Rescue Diver course on condition that you do not proceed beyond module five until your First Aid and C.P.R. training has been completed. This training may also take place parallel to the course.
  • Inclusions Scuba Instructor, Teorical lessons, 4 Dives in Water, Scuba Gear if Need, healthy snacks and a souvenir eco-friendly water bottle
  • Durations 5 Days; Estimated time of theory lessons: 10 hours (including self-study); Practical activity in the water: at least 5 hours; At least 3 dives must be made in open water using scuba equipment and air (or nitrox) as a breathing gas.
  • What to Bring Comfortable shirt and shorts/pants, Swimming suit, towel and don’t forget your camera. We can provide storage while you are on the tour
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