FAQ Eco Diving Cuba

At Eco-Diving Cuba, we welcome all levels of divers from the novice wants a first experience to the advanced diving enthusiast. Also our tours are designed so that they cover a variety of different spot and level diving. There literally is a tour for everyone at Eco-Diving Cuba. As long as you are comfortable in water you will enjoy our tours!
Yes. Our top priority at Eco-Diving Cuba is our guests’ safety. We have designed each of our tours to avoid major through fares and adjust for every level of divers as much as possible. On some occasions, you will be sharing the tour with others divers but we try to limit this as much as possible and always set groups with the same level of experience. In addition, prior to each tour we have a safety briefing with our guides to make sure you understand the not only diving rules and regulations but also best practices when diving to follow throughout your tour. We also require that each guest that we take on our tour wears safe scuba Gear and safe-life vest for snorkelers.
We highly recommend that you purchase your tour tickets in advance of your preferred tour date. By doing so, you are guaranteed a spot. We will always do our best to accommodate “walk-in’s” however, you run the risk of the tour being sold out on the day you’d like to take it if you haven’t booked your tour in advance. You can buy the tour of your choice by visiting the Eco-Diving Cuba Tour Page by clicking here.
Here is a summary of what to expect in terms of mileage and duration in time for all of our Scuba Diving tours. Please note: the timing should serve as an estimate; the amount of time spent on tour largely depends on the biking ability of your group.
Tour                                                           Length Km          Duration

First Scuba Experience                     30 min drive             3 – 4 Hours
1/2 day Dive                              30 min drive     3 – 4 Hours
Bay of Pigs                            2 hours Travel                   6 - 7 Hours

Eco-Diving Cuba supplies water to each diver on our tour. The Eco-Diving Day tour does include a stop for lunch.
All of our guests are required to sign a waiver before they depart on the tour. If you have members of your party that are under 18, you will include them on your waiver and sign on their behalf.
Should Eco Bike Cuba need to cancel a tour due to inclement weather, we will contact you on the day of the tour. Our policy is to offer you the opportunity to reschedule your tour for a different day or to offer you a refund for the tour. When you book your tour, please be sure to include your cell phone number or a local number where we can reach you as well as an email address.
All of our diving tours include at least one stop that has restroom facilities. Many of our bike tours have multiple stops.
Yes they can-however, keep in mind that our Eco-Diving tours might prove challenging for younger guests but please note, we’ve had children as young as 12 they have to complete the skills for diving with no problems or have a junior scuba certification it’s completely at the parent’s discretion in regards to what their child’s level of ability is. Other options that we have for kids include:
A very popular option for families traveling with children is to book a private tour. Your expert guide will be assigned to your group and you’ll find the experience a bit more personal and fun for the kids. When booking you will be provided an option to make it private.
Not a problem, you can provide a foreign phone number and/or the name of the hotel you are staying at in Cuba.
All tours start and finish in the same spot. depending on the tour
Visit our web site page to reserve your scuba trip. You can also talk with your tour guide after the tour and he will take care of you.
Absolutely! If you have a group of more than 6 people, please send us an e-mail at info@clubscubazul.com and we will arrange it.